Candle Care


Keep wicks trimmed to 1/4". This can be done by plucking the top of the wick with fingers or with a wick trimmer. Longer wicks create more soot, quicker burns, and can fold over on themselves making them more difficult to light.


Discontinue use of your candle when 1/2" of wax remains. As the candle burns, the color of the melted wax may change slightly. This is normal for colored wax. And never leave your candle burning for longer than four hours! 


There may be a small amount of soot buildup as the wax in your candle gets low due to the slightly narrower mouth opening of our jars. This can be removed with a quick wipe of windex!


Never leave your pets unsupervised around your lit candles! Your furry friends could easily catch fire if candles are within their reach. If you are anxious about an open flame around your pet, we offer wax melts upon request - feel free to contact us about the scents we have available!