sorting candle

  • Light this candle and patiently await your fate! Our "bewitched" scent is complex and woody with a base of vanilla, dark musk, sandalwood, warm amber, and jasmine.


    This candle is completely white, but as it burns, The Sorting will reveal the house where you truly belong! 


    Red = The Brave
    Yellow  = The Loyal
    Green = The Cunning
    Blue = The Intelligent


    ***This candle is intended to be burned. The colored wax that lies within will eventually bleed into the white wax if left sitting too long! If this is a gift, make sure that you gift it as soon as you can upon receiving your order. We will attempt to make and deliver your order around the date that you hope to utilize or gift this candle.***


    In hotter months please make sure someone will be home to bring your order inside. Candles that sit outside in the heat will melt.  Once an order is with USPS, it is out of our control if candles melt.


    • Quality fragrance oil
    • USA grown natural soy wax
    • Cotton thread wicks
    • 12oz rounded hex glass jars
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